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Membrane switch is in order to adapt to modern and developed a new product

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Membrane switchIs a kind of to adapt to the informationization of the electronic, digital, intelligent, and miniaturization, simple operation and utilityThe development of new products, so the membrane switch now have more functions.Switch in the electronic and information products, plays a directive message, the important role of control circuit.Widely used in electronic communications, electronic measuring instruments, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry, household electrical appliances and other fields.There are many kinds of membrane switchbutAs the goodsconstantlyDeveloping and developed, such as: touch type, flat type, touch type, convex typeWait for a variety of different kinds of products.

 Membrane switchAverage service life can be as high as more than 1 million times, there will be so high even for the life of more than five times higher than the push button switch, the main or because the action of membrane switch is done by elastic straight direction to bounce.Although after one million times of peristalsis, but because ofThe creepamplitudeIs very small, generally only 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm (both switch trip), plus material can reasonable use, far from achieving a thin film of yield limit, so the membrane switch can accept more than 1 million times the pressure deformation.And because is straight down to rebound, so wear is small;The service life of the nature is more than five times that of the mechanical switch.


  Membrane switchThe service life of the above increased from an average of 200000 times to 200000 times;Range of application from the limitations of previous to now broad;Once both oneness to now set function diversity.

  Can conclude from this, the service life of membrane switch is so long, because the switch has simple structure, no mechanical switch the coordination with the original;Action principle of the single;Working stroke is short;Due to the contact only in the vertical contact state, little abrasion quantity on the conductor;Contact sealed, affected by the medium.

  Membrane switchProofing in two ways: (1) soft proofing: soft proofing are implemented on the color display, is undoubtedly the most convenient and fast, a sampling method is the cheapest, requires color display higher precision, and must be properly calibrated.Soft proofing way obvious deficiency is: low resolution, only 72 dpi;The accuracy of the color depends on the display performance and calibration, metallic cannot accurately reflect;Not for the back of the membrane switch manufacturing processes to provide the reference.

(2) the traditional proofing need to output film film and screen, and then finish proofing in screen printing machine.Sample version of the traditional proofing and production version of the production process is the same.Proofing and production data using the same file, through the proofing can discover potential problems, such as turtle grain, color and font design problem.

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