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Membrane switch is analysed for interesting indoor should pay attention to matters

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Membrane switch for interesting indoor should pay attention to what?So, we together and see it below:

Membrane switch circuit board printing quality requirements are relatively high, so is a switch circuit, not only requires high line printing precision, but also to resistance of the resistance requirement is strict, such as some resistance also demanded as small as possible, to do this, but with silver paste and other related production technology, the quality of the circuit design is also the most key link, according to the production practice, the size of the resistance and is close to the line of the length, width, on this basis, in line before printing design, should be based on customer demand, try to avoid go line is too long, for individual lead long switch circuit can be designed to be wide 'some', in order to reduce and adjust the line resistance.

Membrane switch for interesting indoor requirements: (1) the membrane switch wire to protect good, can't placed upside down.

(2) out of which a few pieces of membrane switch, in accordance with the same beam is good, but absolutely can't bundle is too tight.

(3) the positive and negative membrane switch cover the transparent membrane is to protect the membrane switch display window, don't tear easily.

(4) has a display window membrane switch, put in, to prevent the material stress bending, will leave crease.

(5) with membrane switch membrane switch between lining by bubble film is to be the keys to reduce pressure, prevent failure, should be retained.

(6) has a handle, a large number of film stickers, membrane switch, packing and needs to be kept upright, prevent the button long time stress failure.

(7) membrane switch for interesting indoor, dustproof, should do moistureproof processing, around without acid, alkali or other corrosive gases in the air

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