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Membrane switch is a perfect complement all instrument types

- Apr 17, 2018 -

    Membrane switchHave a lot of kinds, flat, convex, flexible, hardness and so on, membrane switch production have a certain request for panel, the panel it is the adornment of the product appearance also play a protective role, so in the film when making panel should meet certain conditions to produce good membrane switch.

  First appearance, surface must level off, the luster is consistent, without mechanical operation, various surface defects such as scratches, inclusions and splash.Second, the weather is good, want to be in a certain natural environment conditions, deformation, cracking, aging, color, etc.Have good chemical resistance, panel layer is likely to be hit different chemicals, but for most of common chemicals, such as alcohol, ether, mineral oil should have certain tolerance ability.

  Typically, the buttons on the membrane switch just express the position of the key body in color, shape and size.So, can only depend on the accuracy of the vision to identify the operators, because there is no appropriate feedback shows that finger is pressing the button in the effective scope of switch action, and thus affect the self-confidence and operating speed of the machine monitoring.An open the key body slightly raised, slightly higher than the panel, constitute a three-dimensional shape of membrane switch, called a three-dimensional key switch.

  Membrane switch is the perfect complement of all instrument type, scale, according to the electronic, according to the density of the calculator, nutrient analyzer can be on membrane switch.In the medical field, membrane switch used in diagnostic instrument, the head of a bed section control instrument, instrument, bed induction bell, radar installations, defibrillator, polyuria control instruments.Medical membrane keyboards with shrapnel light touch type or different type of PET convex bract handle, many customer favorite, prevent bacteria in durability performance have clear requirements of design.

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