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Membrane switch is a kind of novel electronic devices

- Dec 13, 2017 -

 Membrane switch in addition to a traditional panel has the function of decoration, tag;With the switch of switching element and control function, membrane switch also has connected to the switch element and host circuit switch wire, lead wire (i.e. switch circuit) function, with reading showed transparent, light transparent window function, so the membrane switch is not a single new panel is not single switch element, and the function and decoration for the integration of electronic product, is a novel electronic devices.


  Membrane switch technology in the layer panel production in both the traditional screen printing ink color reproducibility, namely the traditional screen printing color decoration features, in making the circuit layer must also focus on electrical conductivity of the circuit, to prevent the oxidation of silver slurry circuit and silver ion migration, multilayer interchange problem such as the reliability of circuits and membrane switch products, its high-tech content is obvious.


  Because the membrane switch has simple structure, good appearance, good environmental resistance, long service life and light, thin, short and small features, and thus adapt to the modern electronic instrument high integration, high intelligent direction of development, therefore, is the favour of high-tech products.

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