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Membrane switch interchange circuit network version of the production

- Nov 03, 2017 -

For interchange "bridge" technology in the circuit, we not only require printing coating has excellent insulation, more important is through the choice of screen preparation technology, to ensure that the "bridge" thick, the thickness of the "bridge" should be more than 0.10 mm, pressure as high as more than 20 ov.If the thin insulating layer, the coating of insulation performance, more can not effectively prevent the upper and lower circuits for migration of silver ions generated by conduction.By increasing the measures the number of printing in order to increase the thickness of the insulation coating will be in vain.Here we recommend using hollow out version of plate-making technology to solve the problem of "bridge" the thick of sex.Hollow out version can choose the any material with good chemical resistance of print, and at the same time also can choose a certain thickness of the vinegar film as a hollow plate base material.Specific process is in the "bridge" on the cool film, according to the parts needed to put the "bridge" hollow out, the plate-making technology, although very old, but the method that make is very simple and effective, is incomparable with other plate making method.Insulation coating can adopt when printing the vinegar film adsorption film base can be fixed on the screen or a little bit. 

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