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Membrane switch in the electrical industry standards

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Membrane switch in the electrical industry standards

Membrane switch in the electrical industry standards

Membrane switches are multi-layer (planar) (non-locking) key switches that consist of a layer of insulating material with a certain degree of elasticity. Because of its beautiful appearance, long life, simple structure and other characteristics, it is widely used in all walks of life, small household appliances to large high-tech products have its presence.

Membrane switch is mainly composed of mask, mask adhesive, upper line, isolation layer, lower line and back adhesive, and the structure is shown as "membrane switch structure". The mask layer, the upper circuit layer, and the lower circuit layer are transparent films, and the main materials used are PC, PET, and PVC. Mask adhesive, isolation layer and back adhesive layer material is double-sided adhesive (commonly known as sandwiches).

Membrane switch principle

When the mask layer is not pressed, the isolation layer isolates the upper and lower lines. When the mask layer is pressed, the upper line is pressed together and coincides with the lower line to make the line conductive. The external connection of the instrument (set by the customer) takes the signal to achieve its corresponding function.

Membrane switch usage requirements

The surface of the object to be installed is flat, rust-free, and can be attached only after being cleaned with alcohol or gasoline.

With the development of the world economy, "quality first" has become the common belief of the international business community. Vigorously carrying out research and practice of quality management has become the main means for companies to win in competition. In the domestic enterprises including the screen printing industry, with the establishment and gradual improvement of the socialist market economic system, the concept of "quality is the life of an enterprise" has been recognized by the business community. When it comes to quality and quality management, of course, it is inseparable from standards and standardization. The so-called "standard" is a measure of the quality of products or service quality (as well as work quality, process quality, etc.), and is the basis for companies to carry out product quality design and product quality management.

Without standards, there is no way to manage them. The so-called “standardization” is defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as follows: it means for the benefit of all parties concerned, especially for promoting the best overall economy and appropriate Taking into consideration the conditions of use and safety requirements of the product, and in collaboration with all relevant parties, the process of formulating and implementing the rules is carried out in an orderly and specific activity. Membrane switch standardization is based on the combined results of science, technology and experimentation. It not only lays the foundation for the present, but also does not determine the future development. It is consistent with the pace of development.

The implementation of standardization work, including the implementation of technical standardization and other standards, also needs to be implemented in the company's quality management process. In this process, standards and standardization work have been tested through actual work, and nutrition has been extracted from them, and they have been continuously developed to obtain a strong vitality. The process of quality management, that is, the process of standardization, while standardization is also fully implemented in the implementation of quality management.

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