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Membrane switch has waterproof and dustproof function

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Membrane switch has waterproof and dustproof function

    Membrane switches are patterned on a thin film substrate, the entire component is a switch function, which is called a membrane switch (English name MEMBRANESWITCHES).

    The product is bonded by several layers of different materials. The thickness is about 1.2~2.5mm. The appearance is like a plate. It also has the dual functions of a plate and an I switch. Therefore, it is also called a panel switch (English name PANELSWITCHES or thin plate switch). ).

 Membrane switches are bonded and sealed by an upper PET film printed with a silver paste line, an intermediate PET gasket, and a lower PET film printed with a silver paste line. The thin film switch realizes the transmission of electric signals through the conductive silver paste line. The conductive mechanism of the conductive silver paste has macroscopic seepage theory (conductive channel theory) and micro quantum mechanical tunneling effect.

    The upper and lower contacts of the membrane switch are normally in a non-contact state, that is, open circuit. When an external force is applied to the contacts, the PET film is deformed so that the upper and lower contacts are immediately connected to transmit electrical signals.


 Nowadays, the high-tech products are getting more and more elaborate, the quality is getting higher and higher, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the quality is getting lighter. The membrane switch has a simple structure, a very beautiful appearance and complete and smooth, and the finished product is light in weight and thin in size and sealed. The effect is very good, touch-on type and long service life, and has a waterproof and dustproof function.

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