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Membrane switch equipment widely used to the life

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Membrane switchAnd panel switch button, the panel: graphic, tag, transparent window and LED indicator light display at an organic whole, and USES the multi-layer sealing structure as a whole.Therefore, membrane switch friction resistance, waterproof, dustproof, and prevent harmful gases, long service life, stable performance, etc.In order to the machine clean.

  Membrane switchHas been widely used in nc machine tools and equipment, such as membrane switch in the bathroom, have very strong waterproof function, good blocking the invasion of the droplets, is a very good safety guarantee measures.And thin film panel has a very strong dustproof, waterproof, prevent harmful gases, and other functions, and also has a long service life.

Panel can be scrubbed, character is not damaged, color is rich, good new, convenient installation.Not only such, membrane switch, the application of the panel, membrane switch can fully reflect your product function and unique color conception, in order to improve the appearance of the product quality and enhance product period flavor.

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