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Membrane switch electric network version of the production

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Circuit is inherent quality the most important factor in evaluation of membrane switch, circuit shall be such as current, resistance, pressure, parameters, such as insulation and life which is silk screen printing products to muti_function, penetrating the concrete embodiment of high-tech fields.To ensure the function of the circuit, first of all should make sure that the silver paste printed circuit network version of the quality.

Before making electric network edition, the first thing to consider in the circuit parameter and circuit structure elements of screen production requirements:

(1) the thickness of the conductive graphics

(2) the life of the conductive graphics

(3) on the silver metal membrane switch contacts, should be screen printing conductive carbon slurry protective layer

(4) the compactness of conductive graphics

(5) conductive graphic finish

The principle of circuit and printing plate requirements can be summarized as: the membrane layer thickness, coarse mesh, large aperture, light edges.To meet these requirements, we can use direct method between film lamination, or between direct method and direct method of combination plate making method, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, meet the requirements.

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