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Membrane switch electric network version

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Electric network version to the circuit is reflectedMembrane switchInner quality is the most important factors.Circuit shall be such as current, resistance, pressure, parameters, such as insulation and life which is silk screen printing products to the penetration of functional, high-tech fields.To ensure the function of the circuit, should guarantee the network version of printed circuit boards in the first place.We combined with the requirements of circuit parameters and circuit structure of the elements on the screen after the points mentioned in production requirement.IMG_2330.jpg

(1) thick same conductor wire, the resistance is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the wire, the size of theThrough the current is proportional to the cross-sectional area;The abrasion resistance capability of the contact is proportional to the thickness of the contact.Thus it can be seen,Membrane switchPrinted circuit graphics for the thickness of the switch performance is the basic condition.In general terms, the thickness of the conductor graphics should not be less than 30 microns.For this, plate-making membrane layer thickness, first of all should give guarantee.

(2) the thickness of the conductive graphics, although is to lay the basis of conducting parameter, but as a resultMembrane switchPrinted circuit graphics are made from metal conductor (usually silver particles aggregation, in the printing material, resin link between the material of metal particles, impurities of conductive particles, and the screen mesh screen printing process on the circuit graph generated by the block, etc., will affect the conductor the density of graphics, which affect the electric parameters of performance.The density of printed circuit layer, in addition to the plate film thickness, on the other hand you need to consider how to plate silk screen to print material especially the flake silver particle pass in the silver paste, this need to choose a bit coarse mesh (usually about 200 mesh), and the aperture ratio.

(3) clean sex circuit gra

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