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Membrane switch design works

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Before we understand the working principle of the membrane switch should first understand the membrane switch is made up of which a few parts, only we understand the composition of the membrane switch can better understand the working principle of the membrane switch.We asked the staff of membrane switch manufacturer to introduce to you.

Generally speaking, the common membrane switch is mainly composed of six layers of material, in the order from the table to the panel, on the surface glue, circuit, the bottom of the isolation layer, the circuit and glue.

Membrane switch, the basic working principle is as follows: when the panel is not pressed, membrane switch is in normal state, the upper and lower contact shows off state, isolation plays a role of isolation layer on top and bottom line.When the panel is pressed, the circuit of the contact deformation down, and the circuit merge in making circuit conduction, after conducting lines to the external instrumentation (substrate) to signal, so as to realize its corresponding function;After the fingers, contact bounce back on the circuit, circuit disconnect, loop to trigger a signal.

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