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Membrane switch circuit

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The flexible circuit board is also called "soft board",In the industry known asFPC,Is made of flexible insulating substrate printed circuit.Flexible circuit provides excellent performance and can meet the installation design needs to be smaller and higher density, also helps to reduce the assembly process and enhance reliability.The flexible circuit board is to meet the requirements of miniaturization of electronic products and mobile, the only solution.Free bending, coiling, folding, can withstand the dynamic bending millions of times without damage to the wire, can be arbitrarily arranged in accordance with the spatial layout requirements, and moving in three-dimensional space and scale, so as to achieve integration of the components assembly and wire connection;The flexible circuit board can greatly reduce the volume and weight of the electronic products, electronic products to high density, miniaturization, high reliability and the needs of the development of direction.

FPC has good heat resistance and weldability, and is easy to install and low comprehensive cost.

The flexible printed circuit board can be single side, double side and multilayer.Adopted by the base material is given priority to with polyimide copper clad.This kind of material high heat resistance and good dimensional stability, and both mechanical protection and good electrical insulation performance of the cladding by suppressing and into the final product.Double side, multi-layer printed circuit board surface and inner conductor through the electrical connection in the metallization for inner and outer layer circuit.

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