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Membrane switch can be found everywhere in our life

- Mar 30, 2018 -

   Membrane switchCan be seen everywhere in our life, have played an important role in information transfer instructions, also experienced a constantly updated.Since the 1950 s of the toggle switch, toggle switch, switch to the 60 s combination switch, represented by the keys to switch to the 70 s of the conductive rubber keyboard switch, can say is replaced.

  1. Small volume, light weight and compact structure: silk screen printing membrane switch can one-time completed, the total thickness in 1 ~ 3 mm, volume is very small, which is very light.

  2. The appearance is beautiful: the shape and color of switch can completely according to the designer's idea

    3. Reduce the cost of mechanical and electrical products, the traditional mechanical switch, need to welding when installation, even with fixed bracket.For the installation of paste type and membrane switch, as long as read back tape, can tightly paste on the surface of the whole machine, its export wire inserting machine rear circuit socket, instantaneous can connect circuits.Province, material, reduces the cost of form a complete set of the machine.

  4. Long service life, the life of the membrane switch generally can reach more than one million times, it has been such a long life, is because of the switch action only by elastic film vertical bounce.And silk screen printing can contact form enough thickness, and the printing on the silver pulp contact a layer of conductive carbon, in order to achieve high wear resistance, self-lubrication purposes, therefore the service life of membrane switch, dozens of times higher than that of mechanical contact switch.

  5. Sealing performance is good: because of the overall structure of the membrane switch is sealed, any harmful material to switch including dust, water will not enter the internal, making it suitable for all kinds of bad environment.

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