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membrane switch can be a strong fit with different products

- Oct 10, 2017 -

membrane panels screen printing process customization of individual product, therefore can meet the needs of different industry product set up, customize their own panel.Thin film panel products strong fit with different customers, can bring more long life, a more complete function, even the appearance can also be improved.Can have a pattern on the panel, text, etc., can also set customers exclusiveLogo and text function is introduced, such as panel is not only beautiful, and high practicability.


Panel in the surface of the whole machine, so keep a resistance to the external environment, resistance to bad environment can guarantee the quality of the product, extend the life of the machine.In addition to the protection of the whole machine, film panels with improving customer product value, the function can also be on the front panel design, and not just in order to improve beautiful degrees, is also the play of the whole machine instructions, ACTS as the instruction, direct display a button if you have any function or cause some behavior, etc.On the front panel display window can combine with the machine, more objective and clear understanding of the running state of the machine, etc., on the front panel display lamp design generally is state feedback of the machine, is raised on the panel button design is also in order to have better operating machine.

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