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Membrane switch button to color represents a different position

- Apr 14, 2018 -

  Membrane switchThe circuit layer adopts electrical performance good PET polyester film as the carrier of switching circuit graphics.Because of the influence of the nature of the polyester film has made the membrane switch has good insulation, heat resistance, bending strength and high resilience.Switch circuit graphics including switch online and outgoing line adopts low resistance under the condition of low temperature curing the electrical conductivity of the coating and printing.So the composition of the membrane switch has a certain flexibility is not only suitable for use on a flat body also can cooperate with curved surface body.

 1, flexible membrane switch itself is one of the lead wire and switch body make in group switch on line to converge in thin film and the location of the specified by the design of a particular and standard line extends outward as soft, can be arbitrary curved, sealed lead wires are connected to the rear of the machine circuit.

  2, hard membrane switch refers to the graphics and switch circuit is made on the common printed circuit copper clad.Hard membrane switch features is based on text and process stability of low resistance and can be directly on the back of the welding circuit of some components.In the case of small hard lining layer.Metal guide hard membrane switch is generally used as the conduction maze contact so good feel.Downside is in the machine containing al as soft membrane switch convenience often require welding plug-in and will lead to elicit by flat cable.The hard membrane switch information feedback in addition to the buzzer signals, LED indicator can use metal shrapnel feel generally.

    3, the buttons on the membrane switch with different color the location, shape and size of the key body in the initial stages of membrane switch is relatively common.Three-dimensional membrane switch Usually the buttons on the membrane switch is only using the color to express the location, shape and size of the key body.

  So only by the accuracy of the vision to identify operators because there is no appropriate feedback shows that finger is pressing the button in the effective scope of switch action and thus affect the self-confidence and operating speed of the machine monitoring.A slight bulge slightly higher than the panel to open the key body form 3 d shape of membrane switch, called key switch.Three-dimensional keys can not only accurately given the range of the key body improve the recognition speed make operator touch sensitive at the same time also promote the adornment effect of the product appearance. Stereo key must be made in the design stage of the panel will arrangements have hole in order to have a precise mould pressing positioning The three-dimensional raised height should not be commonly more than double the thickness of the base material.

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