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Membrane switch and touch switch differences

- Mar 28, 2018 -

a. Light touch switch mainly include: stamping, injection molding, assembling - cleaning - - molding - inspection process;And membrane switch technology mainly for: screen printing, die cutting, assembly, testing and other technology.

b. Light touch switch cost and the price is relatively low;The membrane switch relatively high price。Light touch switch and membrane switch all belong to the functionality of the switch。

c. Touch switch is gently click the switch button when using can make the switch, switch off when the open hand.Membrane switch is a kind of own belt line buttons, press key parts of the surface with his fingers, its key contact and the lower part of the contact regions corresponding to the contact and a current connection。

d. Light touch switch is small in size, standard parts, the size and the relevant parameters must be combined with the industry standard, color also is unitary;Membrane switch can be in accordance with the requirements of the guests, made different appearance, size and color, etc

e. Light touch switch can't produce function independently, must work withPCB circuit boards, to form a complete switch control system;The membrane switch is integrating panel, switch, conductive lines together, can form a complete control system independently, can provide customers with the switch of a whole solution.

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