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membrane panel industry its widespread use in the microwave oven

- Nov 08, 2017 -

With the development of electronic technology, touch screen is very popular, and more and more electrical appliances are beginning to use touch screen operation.

At present, the microwave industry grew rapidly, and now the emblem wave furnace products provide key feedback methods varied, there is no uniform standard, some products provide auditory feedback (such as: beautiful KD20C - BQ and EG823 EA4 a SR), some of the products at the same time provide auditory and visual feedback (such as galanz G8OF23CN2L a G1 and galanz G80F23CN2L A9), and some products did not provide any form of feedback (such as: beautiful MG823LA3 - NR and galanz P7OD20TJ D3), 2002, China promulgated the "household and similar electrical appliances safety special requirements of microwave oven, also have no control of the microwave ovenThin film panelShow the key feedback type of design).So, it is necessary for the microwave controlThin film panelA variety of feedback type a comparative study of buttons, and determine the optimal type of feedback.

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