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Matters needing attention when using membrane switch panel

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Matters needing attention when using membrane switch panel

1. The bubble film lined between the membrane switch and the membrane switch is for the key to reduce the pressure and prevent failure, should be retained;

        2. The transparent membrane covered by the front and back of the membrane switch is the display window of the protective membrane switch and should not be easily torn off;

        3. After taking out a few membrane switches, it should be bundled as it is, but it must not be too tight;

        4. There is a large number of film face stickers and membrane switches that are touched, and all need to be boxed vertically to prevent key press failure for a long time;

        5. The outlet of the membrane switch must be well protected and cannot be placed with the outlet line facing down;

        6. Membrane switches with a display window must prevent bending of the material when it is held and placed, leaving creases;

        7. Membrane switches are stored indoors at room temperature and should be protected against dust and moisture. There is no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gas in the surrounding air.

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