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How to open mold for membrane switch

- Sep 18, 2017 -

 With the rapid development of electronic industrial, will be represented by membrane switch screen printing of independent electronic products bring new vigor and vitality, the use of special screen printing process, make the electronic components (such as resistance capacity components, inductance components, components) and membrane switch integrated planar technology not impossible;It will make the membrane switch function more perfect, the use of more convenient, lower production cost.


According to theMembrane switchIn the process of production, isolation layer and gas isolating window, guide groove, the overall shape forming, circuit layer bubbling and panel key pressure convex requires molding or convex mold.Using the traditional metal mould method (thread cutting/machining method) the cost is very high, if the product batch is big (more than thousands of pieces), the average piece mold cost is not high.


  But we often encounter a batch processing quantity is a few hundred pieces, little criterion dozens, then if still using the mould manufacturing method, obviously expensive mold development fee will become a super difficult customers and manufacturers, for this article is produced with steel knife forming simple alternative mould for blade mould.A set of steel knife is made of simple cutting die cost only a few yuan, this blade mould has been used widely in the industry of membrane switch.


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