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Greenhouse covering film use aging

- Jul 26, 2017 -

In the greenhouse production for roof covering most of the material before use made of polyethylene (PE) plastic film.Due to the low density polyethylene (LDPE) film with excellent mechanical and optical properties and the strong competitive market prices, and widely applied in the field of agricultural production.

But this kind of material in use process is easily affected by environmental conditions.Including solar radiation, temperature, humidity, such as the use of pesticides can change its chemical structure. The mechanical and optical properties change.So. The most commonly used LDPE film in general can only use 1 year, if in the formula of membrane adding special additives to improve the tensile strength and toughness of thin ah, can prolong the service life.

Used for greenhouse plastic film usually has a certain use fixed number of year, the mainly depends on the material properties of thin film and environment conditions.When the site is in solar radiation, heat exchange, complex factors such as oxygen, pesticide interaction environment, it is easy to aging problems. Many were abandoned after aging.

For the material, the most commonly used treatment method is burned in the big field with the vigilant and the resulting environmental pollution caused by the high number of harmful chemical waste, use cost increases at the same time.

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