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Frosted PET materials/F150 / F200 / V200

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Frosted PET materials/F150 / F200 / V200

The main advantages:

1. Scratch resistant, friction resistance, resistance to bending, grinding sand and fine and smooth, uniform, the surface effect of high-grade soft;

2. The printing surface through special coating treatment, for most ordinary PVC ink has good adhesion;

3. Grind arenaceous layer adhesion, excellent punching and stamping features do not appear side, do not lose grind arenaceous layer;

4. Frosted material liquid with a window of the company, very easy to open the window position weight gain clear window;

5. Have a good drum bract effect, easy to hit convex bract, can be cold or hot pressing molding;

6. Have a very good chemical resistance, resistant to alcohol, ketone, clean, dissolve dhi, weak acid and other chemical cleaning;

Than PC frosted PET material, PVC and other materials have a better life. Key convex life is more than 1 million times;

8. Independent research and development production, stable supply adequate, affordable, and have dozens of men's team to ensure product quality.

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