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Features of flat and drum type membrane switches

- Jul 14, 2018 -

Features of flat and drum type membrane switches

The raw material for the production of membrane switches is a very flexible film (PET polyester film). This material can be printed with different characters to indicate the different buttons of the membrane switch. It has excellent features such as waterproof, dustproof, conflict-resistant and non-fading. Now it is widely used in household appliances, communication equipment, instrumentation, industrial control and other fields.


The printing of membrane switches can be divided into two types, front and non-printing, respectively, for different raw materials and types of film panels. According to the shape of the membrane switch, it can be generally divided into two types, namely, a flat type and a drum type.


The most common thing in everyday life is the flat membrane switch. Different colors are used to distinguish the function and use of different buttons. Users can choose different film materials and double-sided tape according to their own needs.


A new type of switch for the drumhead type membrane switch is a beautiful and useful membrane switch that is designed to be more planar. The manufacturing process is based on a general membrane switch, which is made by a special pressing mold, and the membrane switch is lightly pressed to form a three-dimensional button. The drum-type membrane switch can accurately position each button accurately, making the recognition more convenient, and making the operator's touch contrast with the sensitive membrane switch. The membrane switch that you don't know also enhances the appearance of the product.

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