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Explain the repair steps of the membrane switch button

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Explain the repair steps of the membrane switch button

Next, let's explain the repair steps of the membrane switch button:

    1. First open the membrane switch panel. Then open the upper layer and press the membrane. Use a multimeter to find out the connection position between each switch point and the circuit board to ensure that the switch interface after the modification corresponds to the original.

    2. Tap the hole on the metal plate with a positioning cone at each switch point of the base film. The perforation scale is slightly larger than the emblem switch according to the practical scale of the column. It is better to ensure that the emblem switch moves up and down in the hole according to the health column. If the hole is too small, the elastic effect of the switch will cause the switch to malfunction.

    3. Compare the distance between each hole of the gold moon plate. Fix the emblem switch on the printing board. Connect the corresponding points of each switch to the wiring. Together with the practice space 2 between the metal plate and the display plate, the corresponding printed circuit board edge is left to fix the switch board. Since the new switch board is between the metal plate and the indicator light display board, it is also necessary to have a hole corresponding to the indicator light level 2 on the print plate to ensure that the light-emitting tube of the display board passes through the printed board. The panel can see the signal. There must be a certain distance between the line and the two boards to prevent short circuit.

    4. Insert the prepared printed switch board into each small hole corresponding to the metal plate according to the switch. Make the top of the pressing column parallel to the surface of the gold fart. If the surface is too high, the outer layer After the panel film is restored, the switch will not be used. If it is too low, the switch will not work when it is pressed by hand. After the broken switch board is embedded, the rubber pad is used again, and the left glue is attached to the metal plate. Then the outer protective film of the panel is restored to the shape. After the modification process is completed, the modified switch board is operated. The feel is very good. There is a clear shrapnel when the button is pressed. It gives a very intuitive switch on and off feeling. Long service life. High reliability. Convenience and convenience. If a switch is caught in the operation, it can be judged directly by the sound of the film switch button. Replace it.

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