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Detailed explanation of the membrane switch circuit design and layout of lead

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Circuit is the reaction performance of membrane switch, is directly related to the normal use of membrane switch, function keys attachment are making "switch" prefabricated completed together, don't like using discrete switch components, requires the use of wires to each switch welding connected architrave, therefore, membrane switch circuit can avoid errors produced by welding, save a welder, convenient, so, membrane switch electric line is how to design, come to know the following:

1, the circuitMembrane switchCircuit design is roughly divided into two kinds: (1) the public line method, membrane switch all the contacts connected by a line, at the end of the other side, respectively leads to separate lines, it has the advantage of each contact direct control of a specific function, in this case, the resulting signal does not require in the circuit increase decoding, this way of attachment usually only suitable for the function keys is not much use, membrane switch is large, the number of contact wire of digits correspondingly more, qualification is greater than the total switch digits, is not conducive to the overall wiring of membrane switch.

(2) x y matrix arrangement method is used, it is composed of rows and columns male with a matrix, on the same line direction (x direction), regardless of the number of contact, from one end of a line will contact lead, also in the same column direction (i.e., y direction), by a public line to the other side of the membrane switch contact derivation, in this way, the arrangement of matrix can constitute any contact x y combination, when it is in the control before each specialized functions, often need to set in the circuit of the rear decoding, however, this is not difficult in the logic circuit, x y matrix method is used, the lead digits is less, in some circuits of the engine, or due to some components working conditions (working current, voltage), or to prevent the switch circuit to components of interference factors such as the need, for certain switch button, can also make a special processing, can use a mixture of public bus and lead alone, that in the design of membrane switch circuit is allowed.


2, lead: outlet position should design in the same axis with the rear circuit, and should be considered when plug the reasonableness and convenience, but also must be considering matrix attachment, try to reduce the bending, make go line economic route with the shortest line is apart from the distance between the lead, in order to cope with good cohesion, in the circuit components are usually adopts the inch size, line spacing is commonly used is 2.54 mm, 2.00 mm, 1.26 mm, 1.00 mm, digit lead by buttons or qualification need to be sure, but it should be restricted by the specifications of the plug and socket, sometimes for measurement purposes and the connection relations of the architrave, between row and column of the fuses, appropriate empty out a line, between public bus and the lead also should take a line, so that the difference between the two.When connectors for digit line a discrepancy, should use "off line", make it accord with the selected connector line, and connected with the rear of the circuit line, in order to prevent the wire with connectors and rear circuit, wire length of membrane switch fuses and circuit is produced on the same film film base, is a flexible body, can meet the needs of the bend, so the length should be slightly longer than the actual (linear) length, but is too long, and appear white, also increase the production difficulty and cost, short, plug inconvenience, one end of the socket, should also be considered when often plug, may lead to a conductor of wear, should have certain cross-sectional discretion, when setting the position and lead plug components in the same axis, its length is more than the actual length of 30 mm, in the absence of specified requirements, lead fixed-length generally 80 ~ 10 mm, this under normal circumstances should be appropriate.

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