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- May 25, 2018 -

Characteristics of 1.

It is well known that the switch in the electronic product, a message directive role.Switch the variety are many, the development of constantly updated with the progress of electronic product.In the 1950 s to strive to components of the toggle switch, toggle switch, switch dominant;Developed 60 s combination switch, represented by the keys to switch to do simple function transformation;With the increase of the expansion of the application field and the whole machine functions, appeared in the 70 s of the conductive rubber keyboard switch, and membrane switch is in the late 70 s and early 70 s the research and development of a new type of electronic device, it is suit to miniaturization of electronic product, digital, intelligent, multi-functional product development needs.

Membrane switch is in the flexible polycarbonate or polyester membrane made of conductive paste printing contact circuit switch, is one of the contact switch.

Membrane switch for planar, multilayer combination, sealed structure, is the collection button switches, panels function markers, reading showed transparent window, light hole and circuit for the integration of electronic engine control system of the assembly.



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