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Carbon paste isMembrane switchPrinted circuit in the electronic pastes.

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Carbon paste is added a new type of electronic paste, with the development of electronic technology in our country, the research and development of thin-film flexible circuit with conductive silver pulp increasingly attract the attention of the whole domestic electronic pastes experts.Carbon paste is still in the phase of blank in our country, and pearl river three states have a large number of electronic membrane switch manufacturer, nearly all the pulp imported from abroad.

However, the development of conductive carbon slurry has a certain theoretical and practical significance.Conducting carrier in the conductive carbon slurry for graphite and carbon black, because black carbon is a non-metallic conductor, difficult with itching and other gas in the air, so as to effectively guarantee the reliability of the membrane switch can be durability, graphite has a small friction coefficient, is a kind of solid lubricant, when it ACTS on the switch contact, is advantageous to the contact closure after rapid separation;Graphite with high abrasion resistance, can improve the switch contact resistance to wear, make sure the switch contact can inherit millions of times contact;The density of carbon coating can prevent other metal ion migration, thus effectively protect the stability of the electrical switch;When the carbon coating on the lead socket, can lead and plug connection terminal;In addition, cheap, reactants is the biggest advantage of conductive carbon slurry。

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