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Analysis of membrane switch technology of modern computer color matching

- Apr 17, 2018 -

     In general,Membrane switchManufacturer to buy only several main color (color and black and white, etc.) of ink factory own back.If the membrane switch manufacturer tone color is the most ideal to be able to use computers.But more membrane switch manufacturer is still using artificial color adjusting process, adjusting color to allocate the required color is consistent with customers is very difficult, or it is almost impossible.

   The color in addition to know the ink color science theory knowledge, at the same time also need to adjust the color personnel with rich experience in tone color, but even with adjustable color rich experience of "return" the deployment of the color of the ink is only roughly with the customer closer to the specified color photograph.Now for the analysis of the technology of modern computer color matching.

  Modern computer color matching technology:

  1, according to the formula of ink type number to join the deployment of small sample, with exhibition color machine after adjusted the color sample, using spectral density gauge measuring

  2, there may be color difference measured data of small (usually the first color difference in CMC 2:1 DE delta = 1 ~ 3.5), with a color matching software correction formula

  3, calculation of correction formula and add deployment good measurement, generally 1 ~ 3 times of the revised color difference at around 0.5 ~ 1.5, in most cases has been ok

  4, measuring color sample or the standard color card (if it is pantone color from the color matching software called optical data directly)

  5, measurement of printing materials, used or the existence of printed material in direct call data

  6, use ink series is used to calculate formula, according to the different conditions of filter formula, choose a calculation formula of qualified.

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