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An overview of the membrane switch some knowledge of the basic features

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Membrane switch believe everyone knows the existence of this kind of switch, so, under the shenzhen to you about the knowledge of the membrane switch membrane switch manufacturer:


Membrane switch is also called light touch keyboard, using a combination of planar multi-layer whole sealing structure, is to button switches, panels, tags, symbols show and liner seal together the set of optical, mechanical and electrical integration of a new type of electronic components, electronic product appearance structure of fundamental change, it can replace the conventional discrete component key, more reliable ways to perform the task of the operating system.


Membrane switch has a good waterproof, dustproof, prevent oil, prevent harmful gas erosion, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small volume, long service life, convenient assemblies, the panel can be washing and character is not damaged, color is rich, beautiful and easy, etc.Using membrane switch make your product more era characteristic.Membrane switch panel is a kind of main types of membrane switch by rigid or flexible printed circuit board for the substrate, installed on the handle or no touch key, and to print color decorative plastic (polycarbonate (PC), polyester PET) film panel, composed of switch function and decorate function for the integration of electronic components, is a new type of man-machine dialogue interface.Its switching circuit and the connection mode of the machine can splice or welding way to complete.

Plastic base material thickness below 0.25 mm and called film, mainly used for membrane switch panel layer, imprint on the back of the pattern of indicative, word to represent the corresponding switch keying operation area, on the thickness selection should be depending on the size of the panel and buttons, material thickness, touch the power increase, slow;Material too thin, poor touches at the touch of springback is not obvious.Called plate thickness of 0.25 mm above, not suitable for 3 d key, can be used as a button operation

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