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Also known as conductive zebra paper paper, thermal paper?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

The paper there are many aliases. It is also called: conductive paper, thermal paper, thermal conductive zebra paper, hot-pressing sealing connector.

Hot-pressing sealing connector commonly known as the paper. Is a kind of free bending, stable performance, ease of use of the new type of conductive material. Is the best way to connect the PCB and the LCD. Its unique conductivity, softness to spread the word more convenient quick and reliable, widely used in computer, radio, game consoles, telephones, reread machine, CD machine, digital cameras, instrumentation, electronic clock, car audio, etc. Use high temperature resistant polyethylene vinegar PE film as base material, with conductive carbon paste, silver paste or mixture of broken as conductive lines, according to the required type printing, disperse coated with a layer of conductive particles, and have special hot melt different conduction Hang hot-pressing electrode position in PCB and the LCD display.

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