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About film panel key repair

- Apr 14, 2018 -

      Everyone toThin film panelHow many keys maintenance know?A list by ZhiDeXing below small make up, the hope can help you!

  1. The first open thin film panel. And then open a layer above the membrane.Multimeter is detected by the healthy switch point connected to the circuit board of a t. in order to make sure the switch of modified points corresponding to the original.

  2. The lower film every switch point with the positioning of taper cone on sheet metal plate hole.The perforation size than a badge type switch according to be actual size slightly larger. To ensure the badge type switch according to the national health column it is advisable to move up and down in the hole is not blocked. If hole starts to form ring switch elastic effect makes the switch failure.

  3. According to the gold on board each hole spacing. The badge type switch is fixed on the printed show board. Each switch and press the corresponding connection point connected cables.At the same time, according to the actual space between sheet metal and the display panel 2 to set aside the corresponding edge seal play. At a fixed switch board.Because the new switch board is between metal plate and light display board. On the printing plate also must have corresponding to the display panel light is a 2 hole. In order to make sure the display board luminous tube through the PCB from panel display signal. At the same time lines and will have a certain space between two plates, in case of short circuit.

     4. Will make good print switch board. Embedded in the each ship switches and metal plate in the corresponding holes. In parallel with gold fart panel at the top of the national health column. If beyond the plate is too high, the outer panel membrane after his recovery will pressure switch can't use. If is too low. With the hand press the switch does not reach the designated position can't work.Will break switch board embedded with rubber mat as flat after reoccupy, left glue dry stick on the metal plate. And after the panel outer coat restorable. A modified process end J modified switch board, handle is very good. The keys have a without a norm of shrapnel day. Give a person a kind of very intuitive feeling switch on and off.Long service life, high reliability, maintenance is convenient. If a switch to catch bad use. Can be directly by shrapnel from a key noise. Replace it.

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