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A brief overview of membrane switch paste steps

- Sep 18, 2017 -

1. Clean the surface of membrane switch to fit (by joint surface level off, without rust, oil, clean).


  2. Comparing the size of the membrane switch (on whether to compare the size position paste was just);


  3. Then put the membrane switch at the bottom of the centrifugal paper from the edge of the strip around 10 mm;


  4. Then put the membrane switch to the position of the corresponding part stick, then slowly tore to the rest of the centrifugal paper (in the case of no more than 15 degree Angle), after on the corresponding position in turn.


  5. If the tear in the process of paste to reverse centrifugal membrane switch needs to be placed first, reverse should be placed upward, in case to other objects affect paste;


  6. Note: paste can't repeat the operation, a one-time finish;Tearing Angle should not exceed 15 degrees;Try according to handle, must be flat on the table after then, not in your hands empty, otherwise will affect the service life of the membrane switch.


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